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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Saturday, January 26th, 2009

Hey family i know we just spoke last night but here are some of the details from this last week for you and for others if they want to read, so Christmas eve i ate three dinners by the 3rd dinner i was hoping and praying that one of the gifts of the spirit is an expanding stomach but unfortunately it is not or else my faith was not great enough. in the early afternoon of the 24th i called up a less active woman who had just gotten out of the hospital and asked if we could come over and sing Christmas carols which she was very excited for. we showed up and sang a couple of songs for her and she broke down and started crying she thought everybody had forgotten her for Christmas and she was all alone so it made her day for us to show up and sing to her and than we visited with her and prayed with her. it really made me think how little acts we do can make such a big difference for others and how our heavenly father knows what everybody needs. we had been in the building with some other members and i just had the thought to call her pop into my head and all it took was 30 minutes of our time to make her day and Christmas season, so if you ever have the thought to do something good for somebody do it, it may seem small to you but it could make a world of difference for the other person.

The branch president had us over for Christmas dinner and they are an awesome family, they have three little kids and it was great to see them so excited for Jezisek to come (baby Jesus). The little boy got a Lego set which was pretty over his head and almost everybody but luckily my comp is a Lego expert so he was able to help him out and show him how to build his Lego car.

we went to Christmas mass and i saw some of our former investigators there from last transfer which probably surprised them quit a bit. Also Wednesday evening the assistants came out and dropped off packages for us and also for Ostrava from home so Thursday morning we got up and jumped in the car and drove to Ostrava to deliver presents which was fun, your reindeer horns came in handy for that mom. i would like to say thanks to all of you for the packages and letters you are great. and congrats on finishing Luke and hitting your goal. well that is about all for today that i can think of life is going well and we are working hard. i hope everybody has a great week ahead of them

Elder Hatch

Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Hey everybody

Well the weather changed here this last week and it has dropped some snow on us last night when we came in it was -13 degrees celcius, i don't know what that is fahranhiet but it feels pretty cold.

Heres the cool story from last week, so there had been this family on the branch records that had been catching my eye because it said it was a family of kids baptized aged 18, 16, 14 so this last week i finally asked the branch president about it and he told me that they had parents as well who were really good people but who hadn't be baptized and that they used to come to church but their car broke down and they live about 30 minutes outside of town. So I decided it would be good for us to go out and visit them and we brought a member along, it turned out that they had lived in England where they met the missionaries and the kids were baptized, the parents weren't baptized because they weren't married so they were working on having a wedding but then had to move back to the Czech Republic before that could happen. They were like we still believe the church is true but we haven't been baptized because we aren't married. I was like well that's an easy problem to solve, we can have a wedding and have the branch president marry you... before that though we had a really spiritual lesson with some strong testimony and the spirit was strong and we committed them to work to baptism so now we are planning their wedding and a baptism at the end of January start of February.

Saturday we had an awesome branch christmas party with about 50 people there probably half of them non-members, we reenacted the nativity scene and then had a christmas quiz challenge and lots of good food and mingling all of our investigators loved it and are starting to really fit into the branch. One of the families we are working with is really close, the boys want to be baptized really bad as does the mom but the Dad is against it so we are continuing on trying to soften his heart.

So think of all of your questions that you want to ask me when you call on christmas, call me at 8 o clock in the evening on christmas day czech time. My new companion is from Pleasant Grove Utah and studied computers for a semester at BYU before the mission. So I have talked to Elder Monk a couple of times, I am his zone leader and talked to him on the phone his first full day in the country and than I saw him last friday in brno for leadership conference because his companion is district leader there in zlin, seems like a great missionary. Well that will probably be all for today ill just keep it nice and short since you will be calling on Friday, I hope you have a great christmas everyone and congrats on the A in biology Ian way to pull that out.

Elder Hatch

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday, December 14th, 2009

hey family and friends

well transfers have come in and its not that big of a surprise but i will be staying here in olomouc and my companion elder roberts is leaving to be district leader in prague. My companion will be elder andersen, i dont really know much about him so i will let you know more next week about him, he had just been serving in liberec and before that in trebic so we have served in similiar cities.

Well the highlight of the week was saturday, i was allowed to go down to brno to see the ptakovi (husband and wife) get baptized which was amazing. It was my first time seeing a family get baptized together which is a remarkable thing. they have a very strong desire for an eternal family so they will be working towards that. The baptismal service was very well attended and it was great to see all of the members there, lenka gave a talk at the baptism which was a cool site to see and maminka gave the other talk. A cool thing about that was it is almost a year ago that lenka was baptized with maminka speeking at her baptism and now they spoke together at this one.

Friday was a little bit different experience, a woman in the branch died this last week from heart surgery she and her husband were baptized about 6 months ago here in olomouc and she was only 50. The husband wanted us to go sing at her funeral so we went and sang Be still my soul there, the husband was very sad that his wife died but he has that hope and faith that he will see her again. He was probably the most composed out of all of the family, their children are atheists and were completly devasted and mad at the world and he was the one comforting them. At the funeral service the branch president gave a talk on how milos and his wife will be united again which was really good. Czech funerals are alot different from in america and was quite the experience. I am so grateful for that knowledge that families are forever and that although these relationships will be seperated shortly by death they will continue again. Milos the husband told us one of the last things his wife told him was make sure you do everything you can to get to the temple to make sure that happens. The branch president and his family had us 4 missionaries over for dinner which was very kind of them they have a great family and treat us very well.

So this last week my companion and i were asked to help somebody move a big couch into their apartment up quite a few flights of stairs by far the best workout i have gotten in a while. I am glad to hear of your accepting my challenge and reading luke as a family and 3 nephi invidiualy that is great to hear. The work is going well here, we had 6 people at church and the work is moving forward, something funny was this one guy we had at church we havent taught the sabbath day to, and after sacrament meeting he went to a little grocery store and bought a container of ice cream and these plastic spoons and was giving everybody a spoon to eat the ice cream with and he bought a bag of candy for the primary kids.

well i hope you all have a great week and thank you for all of your love and support, its a great life to be a missionary and to serve others

elder hatch

Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Hey everybody

I hope you all had a good week and that Alyssa and Mom had good birthdays. If it makes you feel better mom everytime i show people pictures of my family they are always like but where is your mom and when i show them they say that's not possible that you look too young to be my mom. Thank you for all of your prayers my ulcer is doing well and not hurting me at all, it sounds like the health problems fell on Ian this week with breaking his wrist.

We had a good week this week, the flu and other sicknesses are going through olomouc right now so quite a few of our investigators were sick this week but we were able to get some good finding in. We were able to get milan to church our man who got hit by the car, it was the first time since the accident and he was there with his son and daughter the wife couldnt make it for some reason. It was pretty funny he looks like he comes from mexico and there was this american woman at church on sunday and she goes up to him after sacrament meeting and starts speaking spanish to him coma estas? como se llamo? me llamo es nicole. and he gets all confused and i start laughing and am like he is czech not mexican and then translated for them while they spoke to each other.

we went to zlin on friday for exchanges, we forgot our gps in brno when we went there for the turkey bowl at the missionaries apartment so all we had was this map that wasn't too great, and to get from olomouc to zlin you have to take alot of little backcountry roads through little villages we got a little lost but we were able to adjust, it reminded me of when i was driving with kamille and nick to colorado to meet up with you at the cabin and we realized 30 minutes late we missed the turnoff. We had some really good success there i went tracting with a pretty new missionary and we were able to find them a really cool young couple to teach.

Saturday we left zlin went to uherske hradiste for this big young single adult activity, it was a volleyball tournament and we had a team from olomouc that we played on, it was great to see so many young people in the church together having fun. President and sister slovacek were there and played on a team it was fun watching them play. We left after a fireside after the tournament from the Slovackovi's but one of our recent converts who we are working with stayed for a dance and other activities and to spend the night, it was so funny calling him later that night before we went to bed, it felt like we were calling one of our kids to check up on him how his date went. He had the time of his life and thought it was amazing being with all of the people and cant wait for the next activity. We had a funny communication error with him, he didnt want to stay for the dance afterwards but we talked him into it and elder roberts was telling him how he needed to polish up his shoes a little bit and then lada the new convert said he didnt have a sleeping back but elder roberts thought he was still talking about polishing his shoes and was like just use a bunch of paper towels or wrap up alot of toilet paper, lada was pretty confused but we got a good laugh out of it once we figured it all out.

Today we got together as a zone and went to the kofola factory in a town called krnov up by the polish border which was pretty fun. It is kind of crazy that this is the last week of the transfer the time has just flown by, good knews is that 3 people that i found in brno when i was there will finally be getting baptized on saturday which was great knews to recieve. Since this is the last christmas of my mission i figured it would be a great time to come even closer to christ focusing on the true meaning of christmas, so i set a goal to read the 4 gospels and 3rd nephi this month, so far it is going great. Its amazing that even though i am reading things that are so familiar to me and that i have read before the spiritual power that comes from it and an even great appreciation for our Savior and i enjoy opening up the scriptures everyday and spending that time reading and coming closer to christ. So my challenge to all of you is to spend some time this christmas season to get to know your Savior even better and to not worry so much about the matieralistic and commericial side of christmas. I am not saying that you have to read the 4 gospels that is probably unrealistic for a lot of you time wise but just find your own personal way to come a little closer to Christ and i can promise you that it will be worth it. I hope you all have a great week and thankyou for all of your emails love and support

elder hatch